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About Us

Updated: February 28th, 2019
Author: Jamie (WA7JH)
Contributors: Brien (K&KSN) Chris (KG6O)

Puget Sound Digital Mobile Radio

This site came from a desire to change the perception of Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) in the amateur radio community of the pacific northwest, but we believe that much will be applicable to amateur DMR around the world. Some of us have had exceptionally poor experiences with regional DMR groups or repeater systems. We are dedicating this site to education and factual information exchange about DMR. Our goal is to dispel some common myths and preventing negative experiences in the future. Our intent is to provide both current and future DMR  operators a welcoming place, free of unnecessary dogma, rules and other limitations… except for those set forth by the FCC, of course. This site provides a forum for receiving and sharing knowledge, and the ability to make your own decisions about how to best use DMR for your needs. We are all open to different perspectives for finding solutions. We will remain manufacturer agnostic as much as possible. Some manufacturers provide solutions that others do not. When those arise we will add a disclaimer.

We’re excited you’re here, we hope you are too, so: Welcome!

NOTE: While we aren’t currently a club, we hope to form one in time, focused on putting ideas into action and growing the amateur DMR subscriber base, building a foundation of support for the amateur radio DMR community

Please be patient while we continue to build this site. We have many ideas, day jobs, and families which get in the darn way of making an awesome site overnight. 😊

Since our site has a focus on educating folks about DMR, please visit our Learning Center to get started.

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